Weekly Eye Candy – Courtesy of the Farmers’ Market

Well it’s Friday, quite possibly the best day of the week! Not only because it’s the end of the work week but it’s also the day that me and little miss venture to our local farmer’s market. I don’t know what it is about the farmer’s market, but I have become increasing obsessed with it as I’ve gotten older. There is just something about the open air feel of vendors and farmers’ selling their produce and goods that gets me all giddy. I seriously get excited all week to go and even count down the days till Friday! I love seeing all the beautiful and bountiful fruit and vegetables, and knowing that the produce is fresh! It could be just a mental thing, but I like to believe that the produce was freshly picked that morning or the day before. Plus, leaving there with a tote full of items for less than $20 doesn’t hurt either!

Over the years, the farmers’ market we frequent has really grown. Usually there is a local musician playing some delightful music as you peruse through the various booths. There are food vendors as well as local wineries and breweries there to entice new admirers. I keep it very ‘G’ rated and stick to the produce booths. There are also flower booths there, and I’m not sure why, but they seem to be pretty pricey.  I’ve only been tempted to purchase a bouquet of peonies when they’re there, they are just so beautiful I can’t resist! (They’re my favorite!).

Here are a few pictures I captured today for your enjoyment! There’s nothing like a little Farmer’s Market eye candy to start your weekend off right!

Gorgeous flowers, and you get to pick what you want in your bouquet. Who could ask for more? Perfection!

Farmers Market flowers

Check out these yummy peaches…who could resist?! And for a $1.50 a pound, I’m sold!

Peaches- FM


4 thoughts on “Weekly Eye Candy – Courtesy of the Farmers’ Market

  1. I really like the local farmers market too- maybe we should try to go together in a few weeks- is parking an issue? have you been to our Wed one – in West? (not me yet)

    • Judy,
      Yes, any time, just let me know when you want to meet up there! I usually try to go first thing in the morning to try and beat the crowds. I’ve only drove past the one in West, but it looks really small and not very well attended.

  2. Dear daughter –
    I share your love of Peonies and the farmers market as well. They are my favorites also. I love reading your blogs… what a beautiful way to find out more about you.

    Love You!

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