Weekly Eye Candy – Courtesy of Beabout

Turquoise Ring -Back

Well I have been a pretty busy girl this last week. Sorry for the lack in posts and follow-up to my “If These Wall Could Talk – Part 1” post…I know you are probably on the edge of your seat for the second part but I have a really good excuse. Last week I was busy working on getting my Etsy shop up and running for the accessories I’ve been working on the last couple of months!

Beabout Etsy Logo

Let me give you a little background, I ‘opened’ my Beabout site back in 2009, had it open for a few months and closed it once I got discouraged about my products and business. Now, fast forward 4 years later…and I finally decided it was time to get busy and get creative. Maybe it was my new-found creative energy from having the little miss and pledging to her that I would get back to the things I love or my New Year’s resolution to no longer make excuses (I am a notorious excuses person, over the past 4 years I have come up with any excuse I could as to why I wasn’t doing anything with my Etsy shop….first it was I planning a wedding, then I was a newlywed, then I was working 2 jobs, then I was pregnant, then I had a new baby, etc. etc. etc.)….either way, something light the fire in me to get back to making items! Hooray for enthusiasm!!

Unrealistically, I figured I could crank out a good selection of items in my shop over the summer especially since I was ‘off’ work for the summer. Ha, I soon discovered that was really ambitious of me…man, watching/chasing/entertaining a little one is a very time consuming job especially when they start walking and get restless during the day! (I would call these restless episodes when my daughter turned into a ‘monster’ because she certainly acted/sounded like one!) 

Anywho, somehow I managed to find some time (usually after the hubby and little miss went to bed) to make some fun stuff that I can’t wait to show and share! Please check out some pictures of my items and check out the link to my Etsy shop in my “Shop” section on the menu bar or by going to www.beabout.etsy.com

Blk Scarf

Little Bird Pin 2

Tie Dye 3

Zebra Headband

Chevron Nuckle Ring

Free Bird Pin

Hope you enjoy the items as much as I did making them!!

Next up, getting some items ‘stocked’ in my Dear Amari shop for Home Décor items!(Hopefully sooner than later!) No more excuses, right!?


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