Dear Amari is all about finding inspiration for my passion in life…creating beautiful, fun, and unique parties and spaces! Join me as I navigate through this new adventure in my life sharing my creative ideas for parties and home decor! I’ll also be sharing my life as a mommy, wife, aspiring artist, and occasional fashionista!

I have always had a love for decorating in all capacities! Growing up, I remember decorating and re-decorating my room over and over again. Like many young women, I related my identity with the clothes I wore and my own personal space. At one point I didn’t like my oak headboard/footboard so I covered it with a sheet! I think I was trying to create the look of a padded fabric headboard on my non-existant decorating budget. Oh memories!

As an adult, I have really honed in my love for fashion into home decor and party planning. I majored in Textile Design in college and absolutely loved it! Sadly, not many people in the professional world have understood what my degree is and how it can apply to a non-fashion industry position. As a result, I have been wandering through the professional world these last few years and trying to find my ‘place’. It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I realized it was time to stop making excuses in life. I searched and searched until I found an amazing job, one that would allow me to be creative while still working in a professional environment. My new job has helped to reignited my passion for creativity and thus, Dear Amari was born! This blog is a tribute to my beautiful daughter, to remind myself and her, to never give up on your passion and creativity in life!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Melissa
    Love your website. You have done an amazing job putting it together. Best wishes and will enjoy seeing what you add. You are a wonderful creative Mom and Charlotte is very lucky to have you!

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