Weekly Eye Candy – Courtsey of Honest Co.

First off, I had every intention of posting this “Weekly Eye Candy” on Thursday but then I caught the dreaded summer sickness. This time in the form of… the stomach bug. Yucky! There is nothing worse than getting sick during the summer, in fact, it shouldn’t even be allowed! Luckily, the little miss just seemed to get a little bit of it and most likely I caught it from her. She likes to lick the grocery cart when I’m not looking, gross I know! The hubby was spared from the sickness, lucky him!


This week we received a very anticipated package from Honest Co. I have been hearing friends rave about this company’s products for months and finally went and checked it out and signed up to get on their mailing list. Shortly after, I received a coupon for a discounted monthly diaper/wipe shipment and decided it was time to check them out!

Since the little miss was born we have been struggling to find diapers that don’t cause her to break out, either in the diaper or near the top elastic band. Her doctor told us that she may have an allergy to the ingredients (aka…chemicals) in certain disposable diapers. Lets just say that we have been through all the major brands only to discover that she has a reaction to ALL of them. So frustrating to struggle to find a disposable diaper that doesn’t cause her to be absolutely miserable. I contemplated going the cloth diaper route, but our area doesn’t have a cloth diaper cleaning service…and I’m sorry, I don’t have the stomach for washing them. More power to the parents out there that can, for us, this isn’t an option unless it’s our ONLY option to make her happy/healthy.


Then I heard about Honest Co. and their chemical free, non-toxic, all natural fiber disposable diapers and we decided to check them out.  Thanks to the coupon for a discounted monthly shipment, my hubby and I decide it was time to check them out. At this point, we didn’t have anything to lose! The first thing I noticed is that their product labeling is absolutely adorable and the diapers have the cutest patterns and prints I’ve ever seen. (You know your a mom when…you get excited about cute diapers!). I had a hard time deciding on which ones to order but decided on the multi color floral print, the peacock feather print, white, and the candy print.



I anxiously waited for the package to arrive, and about 5 days later there it was waiting on the front porch one afternoon. I was so excited that I ripped it open immediately! (Again, you know your a mom when you no longer get excited about receiving a delivery of clothes for yourself but a shipment of adorable diapers for your kiddo!). The packaging and diapers did not disappoint my expectations, so cute!

Now only time will tell if her she starts to feel better. Here’s hoping these diapers do the trick and get her to quit scratching her back and get her diaper rash to go away!

Diaper Love

She loves the packaging too!


I also ordered a free trial of the skincare products to try out. If you’re thinking about checking them out as well…they do offer a free trial, all you have to pay is a $5.95 shipping/handling fee. Well worth the price to try out non-toxic, all natural, organic and safe skin care products, diapers, and vitamins. Check them out…www.honest.com!