If These Walls Could Talk – Part I

There is nothing like being cooped up in the house that makes you feel like the walls are closing in on you. While the sun was shining brightly outside I was staring at the walls of our house wishing to feel better! Being stuck inside the last several days, I began to look around at the beautiful home we have created. While it has felt very humble in comparison to our friends’ homes, who have bought fixer uppers and have remodeled them to create gorgeous kitchen’s and spaces. I know that we have filled our home with the things that matter most to us. To the outsider, it may appear that we have very eclectic taste in home décor but I think we (mostly me) collect items that speak to us as a couple/family.

Our kitchen has handwritten framed recipes from my grandma sitting  next to bird figurines (I’ve always been drawn to birds, can’t explain it) and sitting next to the bird figurines are Venezuelan baskets that were gifted to us from a family friend. Again, very eclectic! It may be just me but I think somehow they go together.

Here are a few pictures of our home…

Eclectic Kitchen

Framed Recipe

Wine Bar
Wine “Bar”

Hubby’s Bathroom (The silver “canvas” was a DIY project…I use an old shoebox and a repurposed scarf!)

My Bathroom


My true sanctuary in our home is our bedroom. This may sound crazy but I chose white bed sheets and a white duvet cover to feel like I was crawling into a lush resort bed every night. A little mind trick to bring myself into a relaxed state right before drifting off to sleep. And for less than $100 for a king size set bought over a year ago, I think we’ve gotten our money’s worth! I just love every little detail in our bedroom, from the picture frames to the rustic bird and chandelier pictures hanging on either side of the window. The only thing that’s missing is a headboard, but I have a DIY project in mind for that one!

My favorite piece in our bedroom is this light switch plate that my mom purchased from a local art fair. I just love the detailing in it, it just feels like something authentic that I collected from my worldly travels (I wish!).

I have a few other DIY projects in mind for the house and when I do them I’ll be sure to post them here to share!

I feel so blessed to call this humble little house our home because I know that we have filled the walls of this home with love and laughter!