Emotional Moment Thanks to…

“On the day I was born…I became yours and you became mine”

Thank you Carter’s commercial for always bringing me to tears! Love their new commercial and it reminds me every time I see it to give my little miss a kiss (I’m pretty sure she is covered in my kisses at the end of every day, but I gotta get them in while I can…I figure I only have a year or two tops before she starts wiping them off!). I captured these adorable pictures of her snuggling with me the other day, again I got to get in these moments while I can! It’s days like today that make me appreciate all the wonderful people and moments I have in my life. I am feeling very blessed today to have a healthy family, a beautiful daughter, and a wonderful hubby! Cherish every moment, life is unpredictable and we are blessed with each day God gives us on this earth with the people that matter most!

Snuggle Time

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you are enjoying this day with your loved ones, family, and friends!


If These Walls Could Talk – Part I

There is nothing like being cooped up in the house that makes you feel like the walls are closing in on you. While the sun was shining brightly outside I was staring at the walls of our house wishing to feel better! Being stuck inside the last several days, I began to look around at the beautiful home we have created. While it has felt very humble in comparison to our friends’ homes, who have bought fixer uppers and have remodeled them to create gorgeous kitchen’s and spaces. I know that we have filled our home with the things that matter most to us. To the outsider, it may appear that we have very eclectic taste in home décor but I think we (mostly me) collect items that speak to us as a couple/family.

Our kitchen has handwritten framed recipes from my grandma sitting  next to bird figurines (I’ve always been drawn to birds, can’t explain it) and sitting next to the bird figurines are Venezuelan baskets that were gifted to us from a family friend. Again, very eclectic! It may be just me but I think somehow they go together.

Here are a few pictures of our home…

Eclectic Kitchen

Framed Recipe

Wine Bar
Wine “Bar”

Hubby’s Bathroom (The silver “canvas” was a DIY project…I use an old shoebox and a repurposed scarf!)

My Bathroom


My true sanctuary in our home is our bedroom. This may sound crazy but I chose white bed sheets and a white duvet cover to feel like I was crawling into a lush resort bed every night. A little mind trick to bring myself into a relaxed state right before drifting off to sleep. And for less than $100 for a king size set bought over a year ago, I think we’ve gotten our money’s worth! I just love every little detail in our bedroom, from the picture frames to the rustic bird and chandelier pictures hanging on either side of the window. The only thing that’s missing is a headboard, but I have a DIY project in mind for that one!

My favorite piece in our bedroom is this light switch plate that my mom purchased from a local art fair. I just love the detailing in it, it just feels like something authentic that I collected from my worldly travels (I wish!).

I have a few other DIY projects in mind for the house and when I do them I’ll be sure to post them here to share!

I feel so blessed to call this humble little house our home because I know that we have filled the walls of this home with love and laughter!


A Father’s Day Brunch

Father’s Day weekend turned out to be a busy weekend for us, Saturday we spent the day celebrating the hubby’s first Father’s Day and that night we headed out to celebrate my good friend’s surprise 30th birthday! Sunday the hubby was working again, while me and the little miss had big plans to head out to my Dad and Stepmom’s for a Father’s Day brunch. My very talented Stepmom loves to host parties and is very good at it! So I had an idea that she would put on quite a spread (she’s an amazing cook and baker) and would have a nice tablescape set up for the afternoon. I had NO idea that she had planned such a beautiful party to celebrate all the men in our lives. She not only had planned the day for my Dad, my sister’s husband and my hubby, but had also invited my Stepdad and my Grandpa (my stepdad’s dad) out for the day as well! I thought that was very thoughtful. Our cousin (sister) and sweet Aunt even joined us for the day, it’s always great to see them and spend time together!

My Dad and Stepmom have a beautifully decorated log cabin that sits atop a hill overlooking their own commercially grown organic blueberries, cherries and apples. They have a gorgeous view and it’s a wonderful place to spend some time with family, reflecting on all of life’s blessings!
Char's 1 Year Old! 182
When we showed up she had tables set up out on the grass that was complete with large blue umbrella’s and a table setting that spoke to summer, that should be right around the corner. There were lots of fun bright colors throughout! She even got a mini picnic table for the kiddos with its own striped umbrella with fun colors for summer. So cute!
Char's 1 Year Old! 179

Char's 1 Year Old! 181
The food was delicious, we had salmon with a homemade mango fruit composte salsa, bbq chicken, potato salad, buttermilk biscuits, and the list goes on and on of the delicious homemade treats she created. We even got to sample some of her jams from her new line of specialty spreads, she’s about to launch a second line of speciality spreads under the brand Lulu’s Big Blue Barn. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out her spreads, apple butter, and pie fillers you are definitely missing out on all of these yummy organic treats! Check out all of her amazing treats at www.middletonorganics.com. My personal favorites are the apple butter (I like to use it for a chicken stuffed apple recipe I’ll feature soon) and the ‘Apples Galore and More Fruit Filling’, it is amazing on ice cream. All of her spreads are delicious and you would not be disappointed with any of them!
It turned out to be a truly wonderful afternoon spent visiting with family and chasing after our little ones! Every day is truly a blessing and it’s nice to get family together to remind ourselves just how blessed we are!



An Oasis in the Desert

Well…there is just too much to share about our trip to capture it all in just two posts, after all we were there 4 1/2 days! We definitely had to get in some pool time while we were there and its a good thing that both places we stayed had pools! It was hot, hot, hot!! Being the end of May and beginning of June the temperatures at home were just beginning to peak the 80’s and into the 90’s, but in Arizona it was in the 110’s plus! So pool time was necessary, period.

The timeshare we stayed at in Northern Arizona was nice, clean, and pleasant. Little Miss loved, loved, loved the pool! I had an idea that she would like the pool…she has always loved bath time! It’s a good thing that I made the last minute purchase of this pool floaty thanks to the advice of a fellow blogger, Melissa @ Pretty Wednesday! Thanks Melissa!

Pool at our timeshare…

Char's 1 Year Old! 034

Char's 1 Year Old! 036

But the real oasis in the desert was at my parent’s good friends house. She has truly created an retreat! I’ve had the pleasure of staying at her house several times during previous trips to Arizona, but she is always changing and adding pieces to her casa (she named her house ‘Casa de Fern’). During this visit, it was more beautiful than I remember! But, unfortunately, being a mommy now… I began to realize that her beautiful home wasn’t exactly “kid” friendly. I was chasing little miss around the house making sure she didn’t destroy all of her dainty keepsakes and mementos. With an almost walker, this proved to be an exhausting task to say the least. We were very fortunate for her gracious hospitality, but we may need to make our next trip down there without the little miss or wait until she gets a bit older! Please see pictures of her beautiful casa below…

Char's 1 Year Old! 153

Char's 1 Year Old! 154

Char's 1 Year Old! 145

Char's 1 Year Old! 152


An Artist’s Retreat

Since this was my first long distance trip with the little miss, we (as in…my parents, their good friends, little miss, and myself) made the most out of it! We traveled to Arizona for my good friend’s wedding, please see my post “An Elegant & Rustic Wedding in Northern Arizona” for all the info and the complete gush fest! It was truly one of the best weddings I have ever been to…I just wish the hubby would have been able to make it (he was busy working his tail off!). We decided to travel to nearby Sedona and Jerome to see more of what beautiful Northern Arizona had to offer.

In Sedona, we visited a local shopping center for lunch and to enjoy all the amazing art pieces that local artists had on display. There were some truly amazing art pieces (both for sale and on display), everything from murals to bronze works to jewelry. Being a person who loves ‘global’ and ‘spiritual’ pieces of home décor and jewelry (I am completely obsessed with turquoise, all kinds of spiritual home décor, and authentic global art pieces and jewelry!). So, naturally I would fall in love with everything and Sedona did not disappoint! I remember a while back someone telling me that the mountains in Sedona had some spiritual energy and artists tend to flock to this area. I was reminded how true this theory is during our visit (and we only went to 1 shopping area!). Art was everywhere in Sedona, and being a fellow artist, I felt the energy this place generated! Please see the beautiful pictures I captured in this shopping area below!
Char's 1 Year Old! 088

Char's 1 Year Old! 089

Char's 1 Year Old! 092

Char's 1 Year Old! 099

Char's 1 Year Old! 111

Char's 1 Year Old! 114

Char's 1 Year Old! 117

We didn’t get a chance to spend much time in Jerome, but we were able to get the low down on the history of this interesting town. First of all, the town was built on the side of a mountain…and believe me when I say it was a very scary highway to travel up. My car sickness kicked in about halfway up the mountain highway! Any who, back to the history of Jerome…apparently it was an old mining town that later housed an insane asylum. Scary! The legend is that this town is haunted and houses have a tendency to fall off the mountain! So, naturally, we had to have lunch at the Haunted Hamburger and it was delicious. The 50 plus steps it took to climb up to the next street to get to the restaurant helped us work up an appetite!
Char's 1 Year Old! 129

Char's 1 Year Old! 130

Char's 1 Year Old! 136

We checked out a few shops while we were there, but we were ready to make the final trek back to Phoenix to get ready for our flight home the next day. So we said goodbye to Jerome and all of its charm and made the 4-5 hour drive back to Phoenix (I fell asleep for most of the trip back so I can’t remember how far it was!).

I definitely recommend checking out Sedona or Jerome, or both, on your next trip to Arizona! Like I mentioned earlier, Lake Powell is definitely worth visiting as well if you want to do a camping/house boat trip too!!