DIY Projects – Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

As I promised in my Mother’s Day post, I (with the help of my sister and cousin) had planned some fun DIY gifts for the special parents in our lives. For our Stepmom, we wanted to create something fun that she could put on display that was also a keepsake momento. Well we started brainstorming, and searching Pinterest for an idea and found a cute stepstool that someone had created with children’s footprints on it. So we took this idea and ‘ran with it’, and created a cute and fun “Nana’s Little Helper’s” stool. It turned out very cute and of course it just had to be coral, my Stepmom’s favorite color! (If it looks a little odd with just

Nana Stool

For my Mom, my sister and I wanted to make a DIY project as well! She always likes gifts we make better than ones we buy, must be a mom thing! So we decided to take a wooden plaque and put our handprints on it in the shape of a heart and our little one’s handprints over the top of ours. It turned out adorable!


For my Dad, we wanted to make something DIY as well but wanted to include a spiritual aspect as well. I found a saying on Pinterest (okay, I’m beginning to realize just how addicted I am to this site!) and we tweaked it a bit. Instead of putting ‘Daddy’ at the top and signing it ‘Love your little girl’ we put the kids handprints at the top next to their name, which I liked must better than the version I saw.


For my Stepdad ‘Papa’, I decided to make a stepping stone for him to include in his garden. He’s a big outdoor type and him and my mom have a gorgeous property that they have beautifully landscaped. I thought a stepping stone with the little miss’ handprints and footprints on it would be perfect!

For my very sweet Mother-in-Law, my husband had an awesome fire pit made for her outdoor oasis that they have created. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to capture a picture so a description of it will have to do. It is a large metal circle, like the size of a tractor tire, with fire vents on the sides. It looks pretty awesome in person, sorry no picture to share!

Phew…that was a lot of DIY projects but with any DIY project, once you finish one you beginning planning your next!



A Memorable First -Father’s Day

With this being my hubby’s first Father’s Day, I wanted to make it memorable for him. I love to plan special days for the people I love and care about, so of course I wanted to make this first memory as special as possible! I thought about how I was going to plan this special day for weeks, and I kept going back and forth with different ideas. Ultimately, I decided to plan a picnic lunch in the park and a present to go along with my theme for the day. I found this cool cooler about a month earlier at Target and knew I had to get it for my hubby! He has always enjoyed spending time on the Yakima River fishing and relaxing with good company.


The day couldn’t have been more perfect, the hubby spent the morning relaxing and sleeping in. We had to celebrate Father’s Day on Saturday because it was my hubby’s only day off and he was pretty wore out. While he spent the morning relaxing, I was busy putting together our lunch and getting everything together that we would need for the afternoon. Once I had everything staged and ready to present, I grabbed the hubby to present him with his gift. I really wish I would have taken a picture of the little staged presentation for him to share with you, but I got caught up in the moment and forgot! I took the cooler that we had our lunch ready to enjoy in it, a bag of more goodies nestled on top with the new cooler, and a fishing pool leaning up against it all. Of course, he loved it!

Char's 1 Year Old! 022

I was so excited about giving my hubby the gift above, so excited in fact that I had to give it to him the night before our big Father’s Day celebration. I saw an idea on Pinterest awhile back, where someone had taken their pets’ paw-prints and framed them. I decided to do my own take on it and have our two ‘hugsters’ with our little miss’ handprint/paw-prints on one canvas. It turned out perfect! Being the gushy type, I almost cried when I gave it to him because I knew that it would mean so much to him. He loved it and was almost as excited about it as I was! Just not on the verge of tearing up like I was!

!Char's 1 Year Old! 162

Getting back to the picnic in the park, we had beautiful weather that day, it wasn’t to hot and it wasn’t to cold…it was just right! We had a nice lunch and warded off the pesky seagulls long enough to eat and enjoy our food. Then we let the little miss take a few steps, fall, we would pick her up, and the process would repeat again for a while. Oh the joys of helping your little one learn how to walk! We then packed up our lunch, blanket, and stroller so the vulchers..I mean seagulls…wouldn’t destroy our stuff while we walked the short distance down to the water. The hubby and little miss played in the water while I snapped some pictures, we enjoyed this special moment for a second and then headed out. After all, we had a surprise 30th birthday to get too! And we’re off again….never a dull moment!

Char's 1 Year Old! 168

Char's 1 Year Old! 171