If These Walls Could Talk – Part I

There is nothing like being cooped up in the house that makes you feel like the walls are closing in on you. While the sun was shining brightly outside I was staring at the walls of our house wishing to feel better! Being stuck inside the last several days, I began to look around at the beautiful home we have created. While it has felt very humble in comparison to our friends’ homes, who have bought fixer uppers and have remodeled them to create gorgeous kitchen’s and spaces. I know that we have filled our home with the things that matter most to us. To the outsider, it may appear that we have very eclectic taste in home décor but I think we (mostly me) collect items that speak to us as a couple/family.

Our kitchen has handwritten framed recipes from my grandma sitting  next to bird figurines (I’ve always been drawn to birds, can’t explain it) and sitting next to the bird figurines are Venezuelan baskets that were gifted to us from a family friend. Again, very eclectic! It may be just me but I think somehow they go together.

Here are a few pictures of our home…

Eclectic Kitchen

Framed Recipe

Wine Bar
Wine “Bar”

Hubby’s Bathroom (The silver “canvas” was a DIY project…I use an old shoebox and a repurposed scarf!)

My Bathroom


My true sanctuary in our home is our bedroom. This may sound crazy but I chose white bed sheets and a white duvet cover to feel like I was crawling into a lush resort bed every night. A little mind trick to bring myself into a relaxed state right before drifting off to sleep. And for less than $100 for a king size set bought over a year ago, I think we’ve gotten our money’s worth! I just love every little detail in our bedroom, from the picture frames to the rustic bird and chandelier pictures hanging on either side of the window. The only thing that’s missing is a headboard, but I have a DIY project in mind for that one!

My favorite piece in our bedroom is this light switch plate that my mom purchased from a local art fair. I just love the detailing in it, it just feels like something authentic that I collected from my worldly travels (I wish!).

I have a few other DIY projects in mind for the house and when I do them I’ll be sure to post them here to share!

I feel so blessed to call this humble little house our home because I know that we have filled the walls of this home with love and laughter!


Home is Where the Heart Is…

They say “Home is Where the Heart Is” and I couldn’t agree more, and that’s why I’m so embarrassed to admit that it took me over 3 years to hang more than just mirrors on the walls in our living room/dining room. Pretty sad huh?! Well call it motivation to prepare for our little miss’ birthday party but I finally finished decorating the walls in our living room. Hooray!! (Insert small applause!)

I guess the problem lies in the fact that because I love design, decorating, home décor, etc….I have a tendency to want to change our decorations frequently. So I was having a hard time ‘committing’ to a design style. Once I finished the DIY projects I completed for our living room and it has now had about two months to marinate, I’m beginning to rethink how I want to redecorate our living room. I know, I know…don’t worry I won’t do it just yet. I’ll do my best to wait until we move into another house (hopefully sometime in the next year or two!). Getting back to my DIY projects…

Gallary Wall

I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas on how I want to create some DIY projects for our living room, and found a lot of ideas on how to make a gallery wall. Sorry in advance for my obsession with Pinterest! I have been collecting pieces that I have wanted to use from a variety of places. I had two pictures that I already knew I wanted to use, a letter initial I picked up at Hobby Lobby, a mirror from Target, a print that I ordered online and the DIY project that I made for the hubby’s first Father’s Day! Through trial and error and a vary patient hubby that is in charge of hanging stuff in our house (I always hang things crooked!), we got the combo we liked. I love it!

DIY Projects 011

Now that we finally got something on the huge wall in our living room, it was time to finally complete the two canvases on either side of our front window. I have to shamefully admit that I have left these canvases hanging on the wall as blank reminders of my inability to commit to a design style for about five months or so…sad, yes I know. I decided to paint them an abstract pattern design to go with my eclectic global style.

DIY Projects 007

They didn’t take as long as I anticipated, for the chevron-like pattern I kind of ‘winged it’ and didn’t like how it initially turned out so I played with adding some chalk to it and liked the results much better!

Bird Painting

For the leaf-like pattern I cut out a stencil out of cardstock paper and traced the stencil over and over again with a pencil. I then painted each outline with the same grey paint I used for the other one. I enjoyed the results with adding the chalk to the other so much that I decided to add chalk to this canvas as well. I love this one better! I think the chalk adds some dimension to the patterns, what do you think?

Leaf Painting

Now that I had (finally!) completed hanging stuff on the walls in our living room, the stark white doors in our kitchen that house our washer and dryer (I’m pretty sure our 90’s era house was designed by a man….washer/dryer in the kitchen, really??!) just looked too plain. So I decided to add a couple of more canvases, why not!

DIY Projects 002

The one of the left I usually like to do a design for the season, it’s so fun…I love it! I had this one up by its lonesome for a while, but it looked unbalanced. So I added the other two. The top one is corkboard glued to a canvas that proved to be a handy home for the 6+ wedding invitiations we had to keep track of in May. (See my post: “Tis the Season for…Love” for more info!). The bottom one has an original bird created by yours truly and I usually use it to keep track of random groceries that I had a hard time remembering when I would make my grocery list. Pretty clever, yes I know!~ Just as a side note, the large canvas on the left I used chalkboard spray paint to cover the canvas and the bottom right one I just used black acrylic paint…they are literally the same! They have the same effect and the chalk cleans off of the same as well. So, my advice is to save your money and just use acrylic spray paint/paint when covering a canvas you plan to use as a chalkboard!

Hope you have as much fun creating DIY projects as I do and that this has inspired you to create some of your own!