Emotional Moment Thanks to…

“On the day I was born…I became yours and you became mine”

Thank you Carter’s commercial for always bringing me to tears! Love their new commercial and it reminds me every time I see it to give my little miss a kiss (I’m pretty sure she is covered in my kisses at the end of every day, but I gotta get them in while I can…I figure I only have a year or two tops before she starts wiping them off!). I captured these adorable pictures of her snuggling with me the other day, again I got to get in these moments while I can! It’s days like today that make me appreciate all the wonderful people and moments I have in my life. I am feeling very blessed today to have a healthy family, a beautiful daughter, and a wonderful hubby! Cherish every moment, life is unpredictable and we are blessed with each day God gives us on this earth with the people that matter most!

Snuggle Time

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you are enjoying this day with your loved ones, family, and friends!


Tis the Season…for Love!

Well it must be spring! We have been invited to six, count them SIX, weddings this year! I don’t know about anybody else but it seems that each year alternates between weddings to attend or welcoming a brand new baby into the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrations of all kinds but sometimes it seems to be a little overwhelming when you have so many to attend.

We started the season off this past weekend with the beautiful wedding of my husband’s childhood friend and his longtime love. This wedding has been a little unique for me because the bride-to-be is our daughter’s babysitter. So I have had the pleasure of hearing all of the wedding planning excitement! It’s amazing how quickly you forget how much work planning/decorating a wedding yourself can be. It can truly be an all consuming activity with every little detail needing to be planned out and trying to organize the flowers, the table centerpieces, the cake, etc., etc. etc. It brings me back to my own wedding and how stressed out I got about making sure that everything coordinated with my theme and now I can’t really even remember what the theme was almost three years later. I think it was beach romantic? We had a unique wedding, I wanted an intimate ceremony on the beach with just our immediate family and my husband wanted a big party. Ultimately, we ended up compromising and I got my small intimate wedding on the beach and we came back and had a big shindig in our hometown. We thought this was a great idea and a way that we could each get what we wanted. It turned out that we had signed up to plan two weddings rather than one. Great idea huh? It was all worth it in the end and we were so blessed by all the love we recieved from our family and friends who attended the reception!

I just love weddings, they are such a beautiful celebration of love and two families coming together! I’m looking forward to the several more weddings we have coming up and I remember the beautiful wedding we had 3 years ago…awe memories!

Tis the Season…for Love!