Oh My…It’s a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party!

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After months of thought and planning, our little miss celebrated her first birthday with a vintage Minnie Mouse party! I decided to save some money and make almost everything we had at her party by hand…decorations, cake, food, desert bar, etc! By doing this I came to a harsh realization…I am not Martha! Granted she has a whole team of people who plan and execute the beautiful parties that she “effortless” creates. The same parties that make a first time mommy think that she can also “effortlessly” create by hand. I personally blame Martha and Pinterest for creating unrealistic expectations on how easy making everything by hand can be. At least I like to tell myself this when I am still up at 2 am making party decorations by hand! Nevertheless, I think I created a beautiful 1st birthday party that even Walt Disney would be proud of! (Again, something I have to tell myself!).

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The day of the party got off to a rocky start due to the unpredictable weather in this area in June! We had rain, thunder, lightening, and hail…oh my! Luckily, the weather cleared out and it turned out to be a hot and very humid morning. Fortunately, by the time the party started we didn’t have any more rain and the sun made its appearance, so I can’t complain too much. We had a great turnout, we had our wonderful friends come out and show their love and support for our little (not so little anymore, sad!) girl and most of our amazing family came as well!

We had a buffet bar set up so people could enjoy the yummy food as they pleased and a drink station with lavender lemonade and raspberry lemonade. A little tip, I put lavender sprigs and raspberries in the ice cubes so they wouldn’t clog the spout on the beverage servers and you would still get the flavor and pretty aesthetics… it worked great! Decorating the food table proved to be kinda tricky, but I improvised and made napkin bows to decorate the table. I think it worked pretty well!

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I also made a dessert table with treat bags, so people could take home the yummy treats with them. It had Mickey Mouse animal crackers (Thank you Costco!), frosted circus animal crackers, strawberry milkshake whoppers with gumballs, and cake pops. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dessert table and the delightful treats! Just a little tip, if you are planning to make cake pops for your next party…plan for them to eat up about 3 hours or so and buy extra candy melts. I had to learn the hard way, its a pretty labor intensive process but they turned out adorable…so they were worth the headache!

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Last but not least, what 1st birthday wouldn’t be complete without a smash cake! For anyone who doesn’t have kids or aren’t around little ones, the smash cake is were the birthday girl/boy gets to make a total mess of themselves and eat lots of cake. It’s pretty cute! Our little miss has a dairy allergy, so I had to be really careful picking out a cake mix (I debated making a cake from scratch but knew it would take to much time), so she got treated to my favorite cake…Red Velvet! I decorated it all cute with pink frosting and cut out the cake decorations with an edible sheet. This was a pretty nifty find, apparently they make an edible decorating sheet so you can cut out the decoration of your choice (I found it at Walmart!)! I was pretty pleased with my creation and put it in the freezer so it wouldn’t melt before our little miss dug into it. Unfortunately I didn’t think it would freeze the cake to an almost solid when she was ready to dig into it. Oops…lesson learned!  It worked out better though, less mess for her to get into!

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All in all, I think it turned out to be an adorable birthday party that even Minnie herself would have wanted to attend!

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