Emotional Moment Thanks to…

“On the day I was born…I became yours and you became mine”

Thank you Carter’s commercial for always bringing me to tears! Love their new commercial and it reminds me every time I see it to give my little miss a kiss (I’m pretty sure she is covered in my kisses at the end of every day, but I gotta get them in while I can…I figure I only have a year or two tops before she starts wiping them off!). I captured these adorable pictures of her snuggling with me the other day, again I got to get in these moments while I can! It’s days like today that make me appreciate all the wonderful people and moments I have in my life. I am feeling very blessed today to have a healthy family, a beautiful daughter, and a wonderful hubby! Cherish every moment, life is unpredictable and we are blessed with each day God gives us on this earth with the people that matter most!

Snuggle Time

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you are enjoying this day with your loved ones, family, and friends!


A Mother’s Love

With this being my first ‘offical’ Mother’s Day, the day felt exceptionally special to me. There is something about becoming a mother for the first time that makes you appreciate your own mom and the other mother figures in your life. I am so greatful to my mom for nuturing and endlessly encouraging me to explore my creativity! I have not only been fortunate enough to have a creative mom, but I also have a creative and talented step-mom. I am so blessed! They are amazing cheerleaders of support for me, and I know that I am so fortunate to have both of them in my life. I hope I can be the same mom to my beautiful little girl!
This year as I was reflecting on Mother’s Day, I realize the importantance of the holiday. It’s not about buying expensive gifts to thank your mom for the person she helped you become, but to let her know how special she is! I had the opportunity to make a little extra money this weekend working the fragrance counter at a local mall. As I was visiting with my fellow co-workers they were commenting on how slow business seemed to be with Mother’s Day on Sunday. I got to thinking about it, and truly hope that most of the customers who would have bought their mom an expensive bottle of perfume opted to spend the day with their mom instead. The older I get, the more I realize that unpersonal gifts are just not for me and I would much rather spend the day with my family and handmade gifts. I didn’t get the opportunity to see both of my mom’s yesterday, but I hope they both know how special they are to me. I am working on creating personal gifts for both of my moms and I hope they like them…I’ll post pictures soon!

To all my fellow mommies out there, you have the hardest and the most rewarding job in the world! I hope you cherish every moment and memory!