Here Fishy, Fishy…

It seems like everywhere I look and everyone I know is talking about Discovery Channel’s Shark Week! I think it must be human nature to be fascinated with such a large and complex animal. I however, don’t necessary share in everyone’s awe of this great creature. I am terrified of sharks, and by terrified, I mean full on panic attacks any time I’m in the ocean. Here’s one example. On our honeymoon in Hawaii, against my better judgment, I let my hubby talk me into snorkeling. I guess you can call it denial of how severe my fear of sharks truly is, but it became instantly apparent as I was getting ready to jump into the ocean. There I was, all geared up ‘ready’ to jump in when I had a full on fear panic attack. My hubby calmed me down and talked me into getting in the water and I was so glad I did. The sea life was so beautiful and I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!
Keep Calm
(This adorable print can be found at

Getting back to everyone’s love of sharks, I have forced myself to watch a few shows featured on shark week. While this hasn’t done anything for my fear of sharks, or the ocean in general, they are pretty interesting animals. This got me thinking, if everyone is in love with watching shark week…why not get together for a Shark Week party! While searching the internet I found some very cute and cleaver ideas on party decorating with a shark theme, here are a few of my favorite ideas…

Shark Week Decorations

Shark Food Printables
These adorable shark themed party prints can be found at!

Shark Week Cupcakes(

(None of the pictures are my own, so I can’t take credit for them)

Hope you all enjoy Shark Week and let me know if you end up hosting a Shark Week party. After all, it’s only here for one week a year! (I think I can attempt to get over my fear for just one week a year…at least here’s hoping!)



An Oasis in the Desert

Well…there is just too much to share about our trip to capture it all in just two posts, after all we were there 4 1/2 days! We definitely had to get in some pool time while we were there and its a good thing that both places we stayed had pools! It was hot, hot, hot!! Being the end of May and beginning of June the temperatures at home were just beginning to peak the 80’s and into the 90’s, but in Arizona it was in the 110’s plus! So pool time was necessary, period.

The timeshare we stayed at in Northern Arizona was nice, clean, and pleasant. Little Miss loved, loved, loved the pool! I had an idea that she would like the pool…she has always loved bath time! It’s a good thing that I made the last minute purchase of this pool floaty thanks to the advice of a fellow blogger, Melissa @ Pretty Wednesday! Thanks Melissa!

Pool at our timeshare…

Char's 1 Year Old! 034

Char's 1 Year Old! 036

But the real oasis in the desert was at my parent’s good friends house. She has truly created an retreat! I’ve had the pleasure of staying at her house several times during previous trips to Arizona, but she is always changing and adding pieces to her casa (she named her house ‘Casa de Fern’). During this visit, it was more beautiful than I remember! But, unfortunately, being a mommy now… I began to realize that her beautiful home wasn’t exactly “kid” friendly. I was chasing little miss around the house making sure she didn’t destroy all of her dainty keepsakes and mementos. With an almost walker, this proved to be an exhausting task to say the least. We were very fortunate for her gracious hospitality, but we may need to make our next trip down there without the little miss or wait until she gets a bit older! Please see pictures of her beautiful casa below…

Char's 1 Year Old! 153

Char's 1 Year Old! 154

Char's 1 Year Old! 145

Char's 1 Year Old! 152